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Brownbaby was conceived by the Artist Toby Laurent Belson, to design, develop and run Arts & Humanities projects.
Brownbaby exists as a way to explore, acknowledge and promote the reality of mixing and serve the communities in which mixing occurs.

Brownbaby does not wish the term ‘mixing’ to automatically imply miscegenation, because Brownbaby believes that ‘mixing’ simply describes the act of people living together, side by side, as equals, in peace.

London is a World City, and nowhere else in Britain is mixing so prevalent. The issues thrown up by this situation offer a unique opportunity. It is an ideal environment in which to deal with the centuries old topics of race, identity and inequality. It is the right time and place to assist in unravelling the misinformation that has been, and continues to be, a corrosive influence on humanity.

It is not about revolution. Revolution comes when a majority or minority feel that a situation has gotten to a place far below any acceptable level. We are supremely fortunate in Great Britain, relative to the world, in that the majority and most of our minorities do not live so far below any acceptable level.

It is about change and evolution. The changes that facilitate a young generation to grow with confidence and ability, without the outmoded social constraints and divisions that ought no longer to apply. An evolution that carries every person forward from the horrors that have contributed to this mixed society we live in.
The Brownbaby Committee consists of 5 Trustees:
Toby Laurent Belson
Toby is a professional Artist and Designer, born in West London of English and Caribbean parents. He works with children of all backgrounds throughout West London, running art courses and projects in schools and from his studio.
He is a Community Governor at Colville primary school on Portobello Road.
Carolyn Belson
Carolyn Belson experienced a diversity of cultures in various countries from early childhood before being in a mixed relationship and raising a child of mixed parentage in West London during the late 1970’s and throughout the 80’s.
She spent a number of years working with severely vulnerable and disadvantaged people, as well as participating in organisations with charitable status ranging from voluntary project worker to committee member.
Sadia Chowdhury
Sadia is a creative director, with many years experience in advertising, publishing and design, specialising in the production of children's book titles.
She grew up in West London and now lives and works in East London with a huge range of clients benefiting from her creative expertise.
Anna Aziz
Anna is a Global Development Projects Analyst who specialises in large scale development projects in the hotel industry worldwide.
She was raised in Brunei and continued her education in England, attaining a degree at King's College. She is a part qualified CIMA accountant and lives in a diverse and vibrant part of West London.
Stephen Musisi
Stephen was born and raised in South West London, the second of four children of East African Parents who moved to England in the mid seventies to study and eventually settle in London.
An IT Consultant by trade, he still finds time (when he's not working) to coach basketball at his former school.
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