The following Timeline serves as a critical reminder of the times in which the Black Panther Party came into being.

1959 – The start of the Vietnam War.
The War in Vietnam was hugely controversial and polarized World opinion. In the US, students in particular protested against the war.

1963 – The assassination of President John F Kennedy.
Popularly known as
JFK, President Kennedy took office as the 35th President in 1961. He immediately spoke of the need for all Americans to be active citizens and asked the nations of the world to fight together to end “tyranny, poverty, disease, and war itself”. His support of the Civil Rights movement went against the desires of many to continue discrimination and segregation.

1964 – The Civil Rights Act outlawed racial segregation in schools, public places, and employment.
During the previous year, only months before his assassination, John F Kennedy had addressed the US people, asking for legislation "giving all Americans the right to be served in facilities which are open to the public—hotels, restaurants, theaters, retail stores, and similar establishments," as well as "greater protection for the right to vote."
JFK's successor, Lyndon B Johnson, approved the new Act.

1965 - The assassination of Malcolm X also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.
The man who coined the phrase "By Any Means Necessary", returned from Mecca where he had "found blue-eyed men that I am able to call brother". Less than a year later, he was shot and killed whilst speaking in Harlem, New York.

1965 - The National Voting Rights Act outlaws the practices that have discriminated against African Americans

1966 - Black Panther Party founded by Huey P Newton and Bobby Seale, initially calling for the protection of African American neighbourhoods from police brutality.

1968 - The assassination of Martin Luther King

1968 - All forms of segregation declared Unconstitutional

From the Timeline, it is clear that the United States was going through arguably the most turbulent times in its history.

War, Assassination, Civil and Social Unrest, Severe Deprivation and Racial Discrimination applied constant pressure on the entire population.
It was also a time of great change and advancement for many people.