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Walking & Talking
Nothing demonstrates freedom for all as easily as a walk. Adults, children, able bodied and disabled alike, can take to the streets and parks to demonstrate their freedom. You could say that freedom comes down to 2 things: Walking & Talking.

On the 25th of March it will be 200 years to the day that Britain abolished the legal Trade of Slavery – involving millions of African and Caribbean peoples -  to and from its shores forever.

Brownbaby can’t think of a better way to celebrate the beginning of such freedom than taking a walk.

On Saturday 24th March. In a park, in the streets, amongst the people.

Walking that led to Talking
On the 25th March it will also be 42 years to the day that 30,000 black and white Americans used their freedom to walk, to reach the heights of the American Civil Rights Movement in America. The 1965 march from Selma to the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery led to major changes in US law, that would enable the people of poor black neighbourhoods to have a louder voice.

For more information on that historic walk click on the links on the placards above.

warning: the movie linked through the 'freedom' placard may take some time to load. please be patient. it's very special. make a cup of tea.

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