Samplism 'Pioneers' – supporting the artwork of BB Chair, Toby Laurent Belson, developing
his collage practice to enable the exploration of archives and libraries, to create portraits of
pioneering members of the African Caribbean community.

Westway Arts fund – Establishing a £10k fund for local community artists to help with costs
of producing and exhibiting work

School Signs - St Thomas Primary School and St Clement & St James Primary School Signage

NK Healing – Developing an original digital artwork (originally produced for the Khidr Collective zine) into an
original hand painted canvas, an animation and a 24-page zine, 'Writings from the Roots of
North Kensington', including the work of five local writers. Also included work with the
website of one campaign.

Community Campaigns - Continued voluntary support for the Save Wornington College campaign, Friends of North
Kensington Library and Westway23

Community Campaign - Support for the Reclaim Our Carnival campaign

Community Campaign - Support for the Earls Court Supporters Club campaign
Predictably, the effects of the Grenfell Tower Fire continue to have a significant impact on the
community of North Kensington and those working in and around the community.
The Brownbaby Chair continues to dedicate large amounts of time – in both paid and voluntary
capacity – to the ongoing response and the local community asset campaigns he is involved with,
which have taken on a new dimension of importance following the fire.
Involvement in 2018 has included:
• Illumination of three Silchester tower blocks in March, during the Silent Walk. This was
essentially a pilot for further works.
• Grenfell Tower Perimeter fence – management of a number of local community artists and
the artwork of local schools and young people. Installation of artworks onto the fence
surrounding the tower.
• Green for Grenfell Illuminations First Anniversary. Illumination of twelve local residential
tower blocks and Grenfell Tower itself. The promotion of illuminations across London and
the UK. Fundraising over £3k from public donations. Working with 4 Resident Associations
(Silchester, Trellick, Edward Woods, Charecroft) and two local authorities (RBKC & LBHF)
• Green for Grenfell Illuminations Carnival – Trellick Tower and Silchester Towers. Carnival
response to Grenfell

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