NK Healing – Developing an original digital artwork (originally produced for a zine) into an
original hand painted canvas, an animation and a 24-page zine, 'Writings from the Roots of
North Kensington', including the work of five local writers. Also included work with the
website of one campaign.

Bush Theatre group exhibition – BLK was an exhibition of four North Kensington artists at
the Bush Theatre, as part of the 'Babylon' festival.

Village frontage – The painting of the frontage of the Bay56 Village community space,
including the BLK installation of artworks

Carnival Mural - Installation of street length hoarding for Carnival

Community Campaigns - Continued voluntary support for the Save Wornington College campaign, Friends of North
Kensington Library and Westway23.

Brownbaby Chair, Toby, applied for the role of Chair of Westway Trust toward the end of 2019. He received notification that he was successful and will be taking up the role in early 2020. it is envisaged that the role may take up considerable time and will have an impact on his design and delivery of Brownbaby activities. The ongoing impact will be monitored.

Predictably, the effects of the Grenfell Tower Fire continue to have a significant impact on the community of North Kensington and those working in and around the community.
The Brownbaby Chair continues to dedicate large amounts of time – largely in a voluntary capacity – to the ongoing response.
Involvement in 2019 has included:
• Grenfell Tower Perimeter fence – Procurement of green Grenfell Heart for the fence, in time
for Second anniversary.
• Green for Grenfell Illuminations Second Anniversary. Illumination of eight local residential
tower blocks and Grenfell Tower itself. Working with 4 Resident Associations (Silchester,
Trellick, Ed Woods, Charecroft) and two local authorities (RBKC & LBHF). Numerous local
• Green for Grenfell Illuminations Carnival – Trellick Tower and Silchester Towers. Carnival
response to Grenfell, including hand painted banners

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