AvenuesFM – Live 1-month Broadcast with 120 children from Colville, St Thomas, Barlby and St Thomas
Primary Schools. Chairing Management Committee

Octavia Foundation ‘Base’ Reprazent Exhibition at Tabernacle – production and display of artworks.
Workshops with 10 young people, producing screenprints for exhibition

Groundwork Endeavour - Workshops and studio visits with young people, focusing on screenprinting and

St Mary’s Art Exhibition – Annual Whole-school art exhibition including workshops with years 1-6, project
management and curating final display

Golborne Road Bridge Heritage Corner KCC – design and implementation of streetscape project in
conjunction with Golborne Road bridge renovation. Working with Primary schools, Eritrean children &
parents group and 80 students from Kensington & Chelsea College (KCC)

CMP – Chair became chair of Community Monitoring Project, focused on supporting and protecting members of local
community in regards to discriminatory or illegal police activity. Raising awareness of publics rights and
standards of behaviour.

WCT – Chair joined Management Committee of Westway Community Transport

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