Notting Hill Carnival Community Space Pilot 1 – Inviting groups to disseminate 'Know Your
Rights' materials at Carnival in a secure space. 10 Volunteers from London Campaign Against
Police and State Violence, Stopwatch and Black Students Union took part.

St Mary's Whole School Art Exhibition - working with Years 1-6 to complete 6 exhibition spaces

London United Futsal Academy - Supported London United Futsal Club to put breakfast and after school clubs into Primary schools in RBKC

School Magazine - Full production of a 40-page magazine with St Thomas School including childrens workshops
focused on planning of content and design and finalising of all content

Kensington Creatives - Supported St Thomas with 'Kensington Creatives' project and School Carnival project

Community Campaign - Supported Save North Kensington Library Campaign

Community Campaign - Supported Westway23 Campaign, including Creative Procession in July

Muhammad Ali Tribute

Kelso Cochrane Tribute

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