AvenuesFM – Live 1-month Broadcast with 120 children from Colville, St Thomas and St Thomas Primary
Schools. Chairing Management Committee

Groundworks/Endeavour Youth Club – Workshops and studio visits with young people, focusing on
screenprinting and branding

Colville School Library Artwork – Brand new library artwork, interior floor-level mosaic and seating
mosaic. Workshops with Years 3-6

Colville Carnival – Returning Colville School to Notting Hill Carnival Childrens Day, providing governance support,
advice and workshop assistance to staff and parents.

Golborne Road Bridge Design – Complete refurbishment and design of 100-year old Iron Bridge, working
with steering group and Urban Eye to produce 4 designs for consultation, before full implementation.
Implementing winning design, including production of templates and painting.

Golborne Festival And Golborne Youth Workshops – Photography workshops with young people and
running a photography stall at Golborne Festival

Golborne Road Bridge Exhibition – Design and build of flatpack exhibition space, exhibited for 2 months at
Al-Manaar Mosque and cultural centre. Including art workshops with St Mary’s and Colville Primary Schools

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